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UNLOCK: Mihara Yamato (UPDATED) by aisareru UNLOCK: Mihara Yamato (UPDATED) by aisareru
Hi all!!! Thanks for accepting me ^q^ ; RPs are welcome !! Notes/Skype work best for me ♥
:new: UPDATED WITH GUARDIAN CHARACTER INFO ( still in progress) :new:

Mihara Yamato

 16 ( turning 17 )
>Gender: Male

>Birthday: April 16th 

>Height/Weight: 185cm / 64kg

>Year:  3rd
>Nationality: Japanese

>Roommate/Housemate:  Kurosaki Ren

>Club: Kendo

- Straight forward: Tells it as it is, finds no use in keeping certain things to himself, thus he verbalises it. Positive and negative aspect. Believes the truth will help the recipient grow as a person.
- Self-Motivated: Once he sets his mind to something, he will go through with it to achieve his goals. Driven by his desire to lead/command
- Stern: Generally assumed because of his aloof appearance, but if he takes up an unofficial leadership role, he will possess a stern, charismatic, driven attitude. Extremely stern when it involves his sister. (e.g. Boys fawning over her, her wellbeing etc.)
- Charismatic: Speaks with an alluring tone, incorporated with strong, confident expressions. 
- Confident: Believes he still has much to learn, but confident he will achieve greatness. He believes in his abilities and is confident of others' underlying talents.
- Considerate: Considers a persons well-being/situation and from that, he judges what he believes will be beneficial to the recipient and takes action.  
- Patient: Understands that each person is different and is patient. E.g. Will help or wait for them to come to their realisation
- Reserved: Does not express his shock, anger etc in an easily identifiable way. He often displays a calm, neutral expression unless provoked on particular topics. Able to contain his feelings; in turn, he spends more time thinking than speaking. To others, he appears aloof.

♥ Spending time with his sister
 When Ayu says "onii-chan" & his name
♥ Green tea
♥ Kabuki dance 
♥ Hot springs
- Men fawning over Ayu
- Those who do not respect others
- Cussing/Vulgar language
- Sweating
- Being talked down to

Born into a traditional Japanese family, Yamato was exposed to strict mannerisms by his mother to become worthy of her standards. Her strict methods halted his ability to express his feelings and simply felt that he should obey, thus resulting in his quiet nature. His mothers' ideals often conflicted with his fathers', thus after a few rocky years, his parents divorced. His father wanted to take his son along, away from his toxic ex-wife, thus selling the traditional estate before renting a comfortable apartment for the two. By this time, Yamato was 6 years old and his father had met a woman with a daughter who was 2 years younger than Yamato. His father dated this woman for roughly a year before marrying, thus bringing together a newly formed family, purchasing a new home for the 4. On the day of the wedding, he and Ayu formally met for the first time through the introduction by his father & her mother. He and Ayu both formally bowed to each other, as he felt that he should be the good boy that he is for his father's sake. He interacted with her only when necessary on the day, otherwise he did not associate himself with her. 
His initial feelings towards his future step-mother were indifferent as he believed she couldn't have been like his birth mother, in a positive way. As long as his father was happy, that was all Yamato needed to know. Yamato was now 8 and his new younger step-sister, Ayu was 6. It could be said that his biological mother disrupted Yamato's ability to be like any other 8 year old, as he wasn't interested in forging bonds with other children, but simply focusing on matters that would make him a better person, so he believed. ( Studying etc.) This meant that he showed no interest in being a brother to Ayu and avoided associating himself with her. The first few weeks upon living together with her were basic eye contact and sometimes a greeting and that was it. However, one day, Yamato's step-mother asked him to accompany Ayu to do some grocery shopping just around the corner. He tells Ayu that even she could do such a simple task by herself, resulting in her going off on her own before getting lost in the markets. His father scolds him and forces him to go find her. He and his father search different paths before Yamato eventually finds Ayu crouching as she sobbed. He bends down and tells her " If you're going to cry, I'll go with you next time." before taking her back home. The second incident took place when Ayu promptly asks him to play with her at the nearby park, but refused, wanting to study instead, telling her "later." Little did he know, she actually went out on her own, causing him to feel paranoid that something may have happened. He decided to go check up on her and found that she was sobbing on the ground yet again, much like the first incident. This struck guilt in him and slowly started opening up by constantly worrying about her well-being. Many of such incidents left the opportunity for Yamato to watch over her and make sure she was free from danger/bullying. This soon lead to his desire to lead and provide guidance to people. Over time, his heart was warmed up by Ayu and whole-heartedly accepted her as family. He never expected to come to care for her to such an extent and this only continued to grow as the two did too. 

As the two grew and warmed up to each other, they become close siblings and were approaching their teenage years. It wasn't long until Yamato was admitted into Seiyo academy, Ayu soon followed. From then on, he spent his peaceful and not so peaceful days with Ayu at the academy whilst a fierce desire blazed in his heart ..

" You will not tarnish my pride." {about Ayu }
" What is it.... that you're searching for?"
*constant inner thought* ( I wonder if Ayu is alright ..... )
- Mihara Ayu: Yamato's beloved younger step-sister. Not related by blood at all. Loves her dearly and cherishes her. Does not show this at school for reasons he believes will protect her. 

>Voice:  || 00:40 - 1:10

- Hair Length; nearly half way down his back
- A clear way to indicate he is irritated is when his brows furrow + eyes narrow
- Rarely smiles (few exceptions)
- Introduced to Kabuki dance by his mother, barely progressed because of divorce. Longs to continue again.
- Has siscom (rarely visible at school)
- Would like to return to a traditional background.
- Has a beauty spot just below his left eye  

|| Guardian Character ||

>Name: Shin

>Gender: Male

>Would be Self: To become a great leader; with Yamato's traditional Japanese influence from his early childhood till now

- Head Strong
- Stoic
- Quick to anger
- Hardworking

+ Sakura blossoms
+ Green tea
+ Training with his katana
+ Lying atop Yamato's head
+ Participating in all sorts of activities
- Being ridiculed
- Being underestimated
- People trying to take his hat off
- Being talked over
- Being called girly/ a girl

>Quote: TBA

>Voice: TBA

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